Hi, and welcome to DogWise. Our aim is to make sharing your life with your dog plain and simple. We have the belief that dogs are to be enjoyed – not merely endured!

This is where we help dog owners debunk a lot of the confusing information thrown at them and perhaps we can all work together to stop our dogs ending up in shelters through no fault of their own. Do you have an issue you would like addressed? A question you need answered? Contact details are at the bottom of the screen.

We also offer a dog-bite prevention program. Again, it’s simple in its premise and approach to keeping children safe by helping them to identify some dog behaviours and warnings. It will also help adults and non-dog owners too.

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DogWise Founder - Suzy Marstaeller

"I take a PROBIOTIC, so why not my dogs?

After experiencing her own radical health transformation after taking probiotics, Suzy Marstaeller is dedicating her life to helping dogs reach optimal health, through the power of diet and this Australian made, 100% natural, nutrition superfood,  PROBIOTIC FOODS FOR PETS .  

For more exciting tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy, you can check out all of her amazing articles.

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Hi Suzy.
Hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to pay on some feedback to you regarding Bobbie and the change of her diet! Where have you been for her last 8 years, all her issues have subsided and just about all gone. She no longer has itchy skin, no longer has to go out to the toilet all night with a belly ache and her tummy is so much softer 

She is overall a much happier dog and we really notice a BIG difference now if she eats something she shouldn’t. 

I really appreciate all the help and guidance you have given us as of late. Bobbie loves the wet food and cannot wait for dinner time, I must say though the dried treats take her fav spot though.

Rhian Customer

Hi Suzy 
I wanted to reach out and say a huge thank you for all your help with my puppies, you have taught us so much and the training & techniques you have shown my partner and I have made such a huge difference!  
From teaching us simple things like to how to get them to wait, sleep on their bed, quiet down all the way through to noticing the signs, signals and expressions they give for certain things and situations. 
I appreciate all your help and for checking in and helping me along the way!  

Thanks again Suzy, you have definitely made a big change in our lives and cannot thank you enough

Jackie Love - Customer