Introducing your new dog to the family

By dwise_GC | Family

Jun 23

Are you pregnant? About to adopt or foster a baby or young person? Not sure what to do or how to go about the issue of introducing a new member to your household and your dog?

The objective of this d o g Wise course is to help introduce a baby or young person into a household that already has a dog or dogs. Dogs play a huge role in our lives and many studies have shown the benefits that come from the merging of our lives with theirs. Children especially, learn valuable life lessons when they share their world with that of a dog. Tragically, this “sharing’ will occasionally result in horrible encounters, sometimes unbelievably, with the loss or disfigurement of a precious child and then the inevitable death of the offending dog. While not necessarily defending the dog, unfortunately they are often simply doing what comes naturally. Only by learning why dogs do what they do, will we be able to successfully manage the relationships within the family unit. You don’t need to discard your dog, just respect their limitations and boundaries and, for both their sakes, NEVER, EVER leave your child alone with a dog, any dog, regardless of how well you think you know it.

Dogs have trigger points that can be ‘tripped’ without one being aware. Children running and playing and squealing; and waving their hands in the air will elicit a predatory response and if they happen to fall over, they become ‘weakened prey’. The child isn’t aware of what they are doing, they are simply having fun, you are busy watching your child (not your dog) or occupied with other things and then in an instant, a hard-wired response is activated and the dog pounces. Small dogs can also have the same reactions so do not be fooled into thinking that your Maltese or Shih Tzu is too cute to bite. Sounds scary? It can be, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

To discover more, call or email for an in-home visit and allow us to help guide you and give you some tips for a happy home that includes your dog! (by the way, we can't help with crying babies...!)

But remember, this MUST be done BEFORE the new person arrives to live in your home. Allow time to help this transition for your dog.