Plain & Simple Dog Dinners

I am time poor!

If you are time-poor like most of us and need some help then you may be interested to know that DogWise is also offering Plain & Simple Dogs Dinners to help with the transition to health. The food offered is nothing you couldn’t make yourself, merely a convenience! From a cost perspective, you will obviously pay a little more than if you bought the ingredients yourself but the savings you will make overall will more than compensate.

A healthy alternative

Choose from kangaroo, beef or chicken. Added vegetables will consist primarily of pumpkin and sweet potato.
Can add eggs, sardines, molasses, kelp and/or green barley.
Raw chicken wings or beef brisket bones
Soup or casseroles for dogs
Slow-cooked bone broth (specify chicken or beef) for convalescent dogs or those that just need a nutrient "jump start".
Probiotic Food for Pets also available to order in powder form. Extremely well accepted by dogs.
QUALITY FOOD MADE FROM INGREDIENTS FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. No dodgy offcuts or anything labelled as "pet meat".
Organic and additive free where possible.
Pasture-fed free range meats
Grain-free dry food can also be added for delivery

This is simply a service of convenience, ideal for those who know they need to change the diet of their dog but have no time to make it raw, or shop for and prepare the ingredients if you want it cooked.
Is also excellent for those dogs who suffer from chronic skin and ear infections.

Where can I order the meals?

Only available at the moment fresh on the Gold Coast (Pimpama to Broadbeach) but can be delivered frozen raw or frozen cooked to Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Southern Gold Coast to the Tweed River district.
Contact Suzy for menu options or to discuss particular needs on 0419400380

A biologically appropriate, species specific and mostly carbohydrate-free diet can be the answer for dogs with low-level constant digestive upsets. Feeding this way can ultimately save big vet bills and constant medication for your dog.


DogWise Founder - Suzy Marstaeller

"I take a PROBIOTIC, so why not my dogs?

After experiencing her own radical health transformation after taking probiotics, Suzy Marstaeller is dedicating her life to helping dogs reach optimal health, through the power of diet and this Australian made, 100% natural, nutrition superfood,  PROBIOTIC FOODS FOR PETS .  

For more exciting tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy, you can check out all of her amazing articles.

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