Mick, the Puppy finds his legs, through love!

4 Minutes of Bliss - watching a Puppy who was unable to walk find his legs -- through LOVE and care!!

Mick was born with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. Essentially Swimmer Puppy is when a young pup develops a flat chest and sternum, which makes them unable to get their legs under them and their head up. If you were to look at them from above, they would be splayed out flat with their legs out to the sides. This leaves the puppy unable to crawl or walk. And unfortunately, puppies can be euthanized when they are born, with physical issues.

But with love and care and careful work, Mick was guided to be able to slow learning to crawl, then to walk!

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The vid was created by Love For Mia - Cleft Palate Chihuahua, which rescues animals that are born with birth defects. www.themiafoundation.com

They believe that Everyone Matters -- including animals who need our love and attention!

We all need to help everyone - human and animal - MANIFEST THEIR ABILITIES!

Join their community where Everyone Matters! - www.facebook.com/everyonematters

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