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We also have a premium product and I have supplied a link below so you can read all about it. Of course should you need any assistance about your dog's health and well-being, you can simply drop me a line.

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If your dog bites its feet, runs in circles, is overly excited or just seems to have no energy, it is probably in need of some much needed PROBIOTICS especially formulated for dogs

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DogWise Founder - Suzy Marstaeller

"I take a PROBIOTIC, so why not my dogs?

Experiencing her own radical health transformation after taking probiotics, Suzy Marstaeller is dedicating her life to helping dogs reach optimal health, through the power of diet and this Australian made, 100% natural, nutrition superfood,  PROBIOTIC FOODS FOR PETS .  

For more exciting tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy, you can check out all of her amazing articles.

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