The Truth About Dog Care

Dog care - Plain and simple

Join us for this live event & discover how a simple strategy may help avoid unnecessary vet bills

Tuesday, September 29 5.30PM 

17 Gould Road HERSTON

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The Event

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows the joy it brings, from when it first entered the home as a puppy, a rescue dog or a newly adopted one. But inevitably things can just go wrong. The dog's ears smell, it has fleas, he goes off his food and a range of other health issues. This event is about showing you that Dog Care can be Plain and Simple.

Suzy Marstaeller

Founder, DogWise

My goal is to provide information so we can live with 'man's best friend' in a calm and stress free environment. That's why I call it Dog Care - Plain and Simple.

Gerald Pauschmann

Host of 'The Point'

I strongly believe that if everyone was to apply Suzy's strategies, we would have a healthy dog who behaves the way we want it to.

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DogWise Founder - Suzy Marstaeller

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