Discover ways to learn about your dogs behaviour and keep your children safe.


More than half the children under the age of 12 have been bitten by a dog. This program will help you understand and apply techniques to keep your children safe.



Gerald Pauschmann

I have seen Suzy work first hand and I am amazed at the results she achieves in such a short period of time. I had to re-think the ways in which I was handling my dog. I got him de-sexed, exercised him daily and fed him the right amount of food and placed him on a PROBIOTIC. The results were almost instant.

We both owe you our gratitude.​

What these videos will give you

The psychology behind your dog's behaviour

Dog psychology tries to understand bad dog behaviour from a canine perspective rather than from a human perspective.

Because dogs are such close companions to us, it is easy to humanize them. Many dog movies and television shows including Lassie, 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, and others have encouraged this view.

However, dogs are not humans, and humans are not dogs.

Humanising a dog causes miscommunication between human and canine, which can result in a variety of dog behavioral issues.

Why do dogs attack?

The best way to prevent such attacks, obviously, is for the owner to train their dog not to do it in the first place, and to always make sure their dog is in a secure yard, inside the house, or on a leash. Unfortunately, some people are not responsible enough to do this, so it falls upon us to know how to protect ourselves in such situations.

How many dogs should I get?

Two or more dogs who are compatible can provide exercise for each other. This works best when they are of similar size and activity level, and both are free of physical problems that could cause pain or irritability. However be aware that introducing another dog just because your badly behaved existing dog should get a companion, can be a recipe for disaster

It's never too late to protect our children

Snapshot of some of my videos.

Episode 1. Welcome and Introduction.

Episode 2.. What breed of dog should I get.

Episode 3, How many dogs makes a happy pack.

Episode 4, A simple mantra for children to remember

Episode 5, Signs of anxiety in dogs.

Episode 6, Cost of owning a dog in the first year.

Episode 7, Dogs needs and what is anthropomorphism?

Episode 8, Introducing the puppy to the home.

Episode 9, Introducing your dog to your newborn baby.

Episode 10. Why do dogs bite?

Episode 11, The impact nutrition has on your dog

Episode 12,Is rough play OK?

Episode 13,Obsessive behaviour

Episode 14, Signals a dog will give before an attack

Episode 15. Breed specific (Generalising)

Episode 16, What is anticipatory stress?

Episode 17, Companion dogs for the elderly

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